Globes: Ratio joins as a 20% partner in the “Sarah” and “Myra” drilling licenses

An article posted on the Globes noted that Ratio is joining as a partner with 20% working interest in the “Sarah” and “Myra” gas fields. After two months of negotiations, Ratio will receive a 20% exploration license and a pro rata share of the rights of each of the partners.

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יגאל לנדאו - רציו | yigal Landau - Ratio

יגאל לנדאו - מנכ"ל ודירקטור בחברת רציו חיפושי נפט בע"מ. בנוסף משמש יגאל לנדאו חבר דירקטוריון בנק אגוד לישראל בע"מ, דירקטור בפרוסיד - קרן הון סיכון בע"מ ומנכ"ל חברת חירם לנדאו בע"מ. ____________________________________________________________________________ Yigal Landau the Managing Director of Hiram Landau Ltd., CEO and Member of the Board of Ratio Oil Exploration Ltd., and a board member of the Union Bank of Israel Ltd.

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